How much caffeine is in a cup of Starbucks coffee?

Caffeine content of Tall, Grande or Venti Starbucks coffee.

The amount of caffeine in a cup of Starbucks coffee can vary depending on the roast and size of serving.

Caffeine content depends greatly on whose coffee you are drinking.  How much caffeine in a cup of coffee is determined by the beans used, the processing methods, and the brewing process.

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Here is a list of the caffeine content of popular Starbucks coffees: Tall is 12 ounces, Grande is 16 ounces and Venti is 24 ounces.

Coffeemg CaffeineCalories
Starbucks Tall Pike Place Roast2355
Starbucks Grande Pike Place Roas3105
Starbucks Venti Pike Place Roas4105
Starbucks Tall Blonde Roast2705
Starbucks Grande Blonde Roast3605
Starbucks Venti Blonde Roast4755
Starbucks Tall Mocha Frappuccino 75290
Starbucks Grande Mocha Frappuccino110410
Starbucks Venti Mocha Frappuccino140520
Starbucks Espresso Solo (1 oz)755
Starbucks Espresso Doppio (2oz)15010
Starbucks Espresso Triple (3 oz)22515
Starbucks Espresso Quad (4 oz)30020

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What exactly is Caffeine?

Caffeine is actually a psychoactive drug that works in the nervous system to block the signals of adenosine, which makes you feel tired. With the effects of adenosine being minimized, your brain is more alert, helping you to stay awake when tired, but also to help you feel more energized when you are not tired!