How much Protein is in Beef, Steak and other Meats

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Protein Content of Beef, Steak, Jerky, Ribs and other Meats

The chart shows how much protein is in various types of steak, lean steak, ground beef and other meats. Protein content of steak, beef and meat is important to know for dietary purposes. This can help determine the leanest cuts for bodybuilders as well as those on a weight loss diet.

This information can assist those desiring a healthy diet consisting of high protein foods, or where tracking protein, carbs and fat intake is necessary.

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Toward the bottom of the chart are Omaha Steaks nutrition information. These values are taken directly from their website showing protein as well as and fat content of various cut of steak.

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Protein content of Steak & Beef Products Table

this table lists how much protein is in steak and beef. As you will notice, the higher the fat content is by weight, the amount of protein will decrease. Higher fat content will also dramatically increase total calories.

Protein and carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram, whereas fat contains a whopping 9 calories per gram!

Meat Protein GramsCarb GramsFat GramsCalories
8 ounce beef brisket48017352
8 ounces corned beef32034448
8 ounce flank steak48016352
4 ounces ground beef 95% lean2406152
4 ounces ground beef 90% lean24011196
4 ounces ground beef 85% lean20017240
4 ounces ground beef 80% lean20022284
4 ounces ground beef 75% lean16028328
4 ounces ground beef 70% lean16034372
1 ounce beef jerky907116
8 ounce beef liver4808312
8 ounce porterhouse steak43042560
3 large beef ribs34037474
4 ounce roast beef1415106
8 ounce top sirloin48029456
8 ounce T-bone steak44035496
Top sirloin (3 oz cooked)1803108
Eye of Round (3 oz cooked)1803105
Bottom round (3 oz cooked)1803108
Top Round (3 oz cooked)1904119
Strip Steak (3 oz cooked)1809161
Tri-Tip (3 oz cooked)1806138
8 ounce tenderloin48025560

Omaha Steaks Protein Content Table

Omaha Steak ProductProtein GramsCarb GramsFat GramsCalories
Omaha Steaks
Standard Filet Mignon 4 oz.
Omaha Steaks Standard Filet Mignon 5 oz.28025350
Omaha Steaks Standard Filet Mignon 10 oz.50067820
Omaha Steaks Butchers Cut Filet Mignon 6 oz.38012270
Omaha Steaks Private Reserve Filet Mignon 6 oz.30040490
Omaha Steaks Top Sirloin 6 oz.36014290
Omaha Steaks Top Sirloin 8 oz.49019390
Omaha Steaks Rib Eye 8 oz.51012310
Omaha Steaks Rib Eye 10 oz.64015390
Omaha Steaks Bison Boneless Strip Steak 8 oz.51012300
Omaha Steaks Bison Rib Eye 8 oz.51022410

Taking a look at the tables above, you can see that the protein content of steak and beef can vary by quite a lot. The content of fat in different cuts of meat and steak also varies dramatically.

Bodybuilders and strength athletes can use this table to tweak their diets by comparing cuts and stay away from the higher fat content.

Steak & Beef Protein Cost

Steak is, of course one of the more expensive sources of high quality protein. If you are looking for the least expensive sources, you may look at chicken and canned tuna. Protein powders are, believe it or not, gram for gram one of the cheapest protein sources.

Bodybuilders for example need 1-1.5 grams of high quality protein per pound of bodyweight per day for optimum growth. This means upwards of 200-300 grams of protein per day!! This is not cheap, so finding a good quality, low price source is important.