How Much Protein is in Chicken?

Chicken has 6-8 grams Protein per ounceHow much protein is in chicken

Here is a quick breakdown showing that generally, there is 6-8 grams of protein in an ounce of chicken meat, depending on how it is prepared and if it is dark meant or white meat.

  • Chicken Breast (12 ounces) contains 65 grams of protein.
  • Chicken leg or thigh (12 Ounces) contains 57 grams of protein.
  • The protein content of chicken is 6-8 grams protein per ounce

Chicken Protein Chart

ChickenCaloriesProtein GramsCarb GramsFat Grams
6 oz Breast1853902
3 oz Breast skinless, roasted1202401.5
3 oz Breast w/skin, roasted1702507
5 oz Breast meat only2114104
5 oz Thigh (meat only)27335014
5.5 oz Drumstick (meat only)2704409
4 oz Breast Deli Meat952101
1 Thigh1351408
6 wings36634022
12 Cornish Game Hen (roasted)2955109
6 oz Duck, domesticated (meat only)22631010
4 oz Ground Ostrich Meat18823010
6 oz Turkey Breast1894201
4 oz Turkey Deli Meat1042202
4 ounces ground turkey1702009
1 oz Turkey Jerky1011911

How much protein is in chicken, a chicken breast, leg or thigh, turkey or other poultry?

Protein content of some common poultry varieties are listed here, as well as calories, grams of carbs and fat. For protein content of steak, protein in eggs, fish or dairy products, see other pages on this site.

Protein in Chicken, Turkey and Poultry (raw unless otherwise noted)

Chicken tops the list of high protein foods, and can generally be divided into two categories: white meat (breast) or dark meat (thighs and legs). Both contain high quality protein.

Basically, the thighs and legs have higher fat content per ounce of meat than the breast. This is partially because chickens need more endurance in their legs, which is provided by the energy that is stored in fatty tissue.

As far as nutrition and protein goes, both types of chicken meat are excellent sources of high quality protein for your diet.

As bodybuilders know, chicken and tuna are, gram for gram, probably the least expensive sources of protein you will find anywhere left-over chicken makes a great high protein snack too!

Chicken dark meat may contain more fat than white meat, but also has more vitamin B, and iron than white meat. Dark chicken also contains more zinc, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, vitamins B6 and B12.

Be sure to avoid eating the skin of the chicken, as this is almost all fat and no real nutritional value!

When you see how much protein is in chicken, you see you get a lot of high quality protein for relatively low cost, so those who need a higher intake can use it without going broke! Only protein powders and Tuna come close to the low cost per gram of protein.