5 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results in the Gym

You have been hitting the weights for months or even years, and you are still lifting the same weights for the same number of sets and reps. What’s wrong? Why are you not seeing results in the gym? Here are some common reasons, and some suggested solutions that will help you move to the next … [Read more…]

Best Bodybuilding Supplements that Work

Here are the top rated bodybuilding supplements If you read most bodybuilding and muscle magazines, you would think you need to take two dozen supplements to build more muscle. There are many supplements out there, but few will give you the results of the top supplements listed here. Bodybuilders are taking these on a regular basis for maximum … [Read more…]

Make your Own TRX Straps

TRX Straps are awesome, but they are expensive! They cost between $99.99 for the travel model, $149.99 for the basic kit and $229.99 for the Deluxe bundle. I believe they are well worth the money, but not everyone has that kind of cash on hand to spend on another type of workout gear. I am … [Read more…]