Beta Ecdysterone Bodybuilding Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

Bodybuilding Benefits of Beta Ecdysterone Supplements

Beta Ecdysterone products can be effective supplements to stimulate greater muscular gains by insuring that protein synthesis (muscle growth at the cellular level) is taking place. This is of great benefit to the bodybuilder, as it will ensure maximum use of all that protein!

Bodybuilder Working Out
Bodybuilder Working Out

Beta Ecdysterone powder or capsules benefit Bodybuilding, Muscle Growth, Protein Synthesis and Promotes an Anabolic Environment.

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Side Effects: Beta Ecdysterone does not have any known side effects.

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Beta Ecdysterone Bodybuilding Dosage*

The recommended bodybuilding dosage of Beta Ecdysterone is 400-500 mg per day, divided into 100 mg doses taken in the morning, before and after workouts, and in the evening.

Bodybuilding Rating:****

The bodybuilding rating of Beta Ecdysterone is high due to its ability to enhance muscle growth.

Beta Ecdysterone powder (or capsules), officially known as 20 Hydroxy Beta Ecdysterone, is a phytochemical that comes from plants such as spinach. It’s purpose in the plant is to help keep it safe from insects.

Originally believed to act like a hormone in humans (due to its similarity to hormones found in insects and shellfish) it is now known to have no effect on hormone levels in the human body. It does, however encourage muscle growth by stimulating the synthesis of protein in muscle tissue.

What is 20 Hydroxy Beta Ecdysterone, and where does it come from?

Beta Ecdysterone is a plant sterol (phytosterol) which recently became very popular as body building and muscle building supplement due to its ability to increase protein synthesis, which translates to more muscle mass!

Also known as: ecdisten, ecdysone, isoinokosterone, 20-hydroxyecdysone and ecdysterone.

Read Wikipedia article about 20-Hydroxyecdysterone.

Beta Ecdysterone (20 Hydroxyecdysterone) is an anabolic plant sterol and is non androgenic. This makes Beta ecdysterone perfect for building lean muscle tissue with no known negative side effects.

Ecdysterone provides an environment that is conducive to muscle building by maintaining a positive nitrogen balance and causing an increase in protein synthesis.

The recommended intake of Ecdysterone powder or capsules is
80-100 mg daily, but up to 500 mg per day has been shown to be

More Beta Ecdysterone Benefits

  • Stimulates Metabolism.
  • Significant Increase in Lean Body Mass.
  • Helps to Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels.
  • Helps to Reduce Adipose Tissue (fat) in the body.
  • Increases efficiency of most functions in the body.
  • It’s Safe for Men and Women.
  • Prevents Loss of Muscle Mass while Promoting Growth of Muscle Fibers.
  • It does all this with no known side effects, making it a completely safe supplement.
  • No Negative Side Effects
  • Does not Convert to Estrogenic Compounds
  • No Liver Toxicity
  • Does not cause increased Blood Pressure
  • Low Toxicity Levels (Over 4,000 times that which a person should consume)
  • Increase in Endurance

Beta-Ecdysterone is a cutting edge supplement that can maximize your gains. With many benefits and no known side effects when taken in proper dosages, it can be an important part of your bodybuilding arsenal!

*Dosages are only general recommendations. Always check with your Physician and product label before taking any supplement or medication.

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