SAM-e Bodybuilding Benefits & Recommended Dosage

SAMe (s-adenosylmethionine) Bodybuilding Benefits

SAM-e Bodybuilding Benefits
Bodybuilder taking SAM e Supplement

SAMe Also known as s-adenosylmethionine, benefits bodybuilders by supporting joint maintenance and recovery.

SAMe is part of the process of the production of Glucosamine, which is an important component of the joints and this has great benefits for bodybuilders and strength athletes as these individuals are hard on their joints. Also see Chondroitin.

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SAMe Bodybuilding Dosage*

SAMe bodybuilding dosage is 400-600 milligrams per day; half in the morning, half in the evening. Preferably on an empty stomach.

You can accelerate the benefits of SAMe by “loading”, which means starting off with higher doses to raise the amount in the body, then tapering off to a maintenance dose.

S-adenosylmethionine Bodybuilding Rating:***

What is SAMe?

Read more about SAM-e at Wikipedia.

SAM-e, or s-adenosylmethionine, is made naturally in the body and is an important component in normal functions of the human body. A form of SAMe is sold as a nutritional or dietary supplement in the United States, but SAMe has been available in parts of Europe as a prescription drug for years. Its scientific name is S-adenosylmethionine.

As we get older, the amount our bodies naturally produce is not enough for general health and may need to be supplemented.

SAMe is also known to help produce some brain chemicals that promote an energetic outlook on life and potentially ease the symptoms of depression.

Studies have shown that supplementing with SAM-e can greatly relieve the ongoing symptoms of arthritis as we age.

SAMe Side Effects

SAMe has been found to be generally well tolerated. Some common side effects reported include anxiety and skin rashes.

SAMe Health Benefits

SAMe has been shown in multiple medical studies to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis as well as:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression

*Dosages are only general recommendations. Always check with your Physician and product label before taking any supplement or medication.