Here is the Place to Buy Cheap Protein Powder

Whey Protein Powder

This is NOT Cheap Protein Powder

I get it. Protein powder ain’t cheap! You can easily go to your local health store and drop $70 on 4 or 5 pounds of the stuff!

And the selection of product is mind-boggling! So much protein, so little time! How do you know what to buy, and how do you know if it is any good?

First of all, if you decide to buy protein powder in a store at the mall, do NOT take the salespersons advice! They mean well, but they are also required to “recommend “ certain products, usually the house brand. And honestly, if they are relatively new to selling sports nutrition, they probably don’t know as much as you think. Do your own research and know what you want.

I have been buying and using protein powder for 30 years and I can tell you that buying ANY supplement online is the way to go if you want to save money.

When I was introduced to it in my teens, (WAY before the internet) there were maybe 2 companies that made it, and it came in two flavors, Bad and Nasty! Bob Hoffman made a product that tasted like maggots, but I wanted every possible edge to help me build muscle (I was super skinny) so I bought and used as much as I could afford.

How Do I Know If the Cheap Protein I Buy is Any Good?

As with almost any product, protein powder is available in a variety of qualities. Even cheap protein powder can vary.

Name brands are usually a good way to ensure quality, but even these companies have a “low end” product. The quality and purity of a protein powder product is determined by the ingredients. Specifically what type of protein it is made from. There is whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolysate, etc. For more on these types, see this Wikipedia article on whey protein isolate.

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One way to tell if a protein powder actually has a decent amount of protein in it, you need to look a two items on the label. They are “Grams of Protein Per Serving” and “Serving Size” in grams. Then pull out your iPhone calculator and divide the Serving size in grams by the Grams of protein per serving.

The answer will be the percentage of each service that is actually protein. Now there are always preservatives, emulsifiers and flavoring in any protein powder product, so it won’t be 100% pure, but the best, purest protein supplements, such as Whey Protein Isolate, should be in the 90% or higher for a great quality protein.

In the picture, you will see that the serving size is 32 grams and the protein per serving is 24 grams. 24 divided by 32 equals 75% protein. Despite the fact that this is the label for Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein, which has been the #1 selling whey protein for YEARS, that is not a great number! Can anyone say “great marketing”?

I have actually used this protein myself for many, many years as well. Not any more. I did some research and wrote an article called 5 Whey Protein Powders That are Actually High in Protein.

Bag of MyProtein Whey Isolate

Bag of MyProtein Whey Isolate Protein Powder

The cheapest high-quality whey protein currently on the market hands down is whey protein and Whey Isolate by Normally I would say that the more you pay, the better the product. Name brands are expensive because they spend millions on huge full color glossy ads in the front and back of magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, FLEX (which has now combined with Muscle & Fitness to create one magazine), Muscular Development and Mens Health, to name a few. The big companies also spend lots on fancy packaging and heavy plastic containers.

If you go to MyProtein Impact Whey Protein page and look at the Nutritional information, you will see it comes to 76%, so it is comparable to Optimum, but the price is lower, and there is almost always a 30% off sale code right on the website, so you will get 5.5 lbs for around $36! And free shipping over $49.

My Bag of Mocha Flavored Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate

My Bag of Mocha Flaored Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate

Currently I am buying the Impact Whey Isolate protein,which is 90% pure in the Unflavored version and 84% pure in the Mocha flavor, which is my favorite.  I always buy the 11 lb bag as it is the cheapest Whey Protein deal I can find. It comes to around $7.31 per pound. Try to find another whey protein powder supplement even close to that with purity over 80%. I have tried, and Myprotein is the cheapest whey protein that actually is high in protein anywhere.

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The flavor is pretty good and it mixes easily in water of milk. I use milk as it adds more protein and gives it a creamier flavor.

Here is the label from my 11 pound bag of Impact Isolate Mocha flavor:

MyProtein Nutrition Label

MyProtein Nutrition Label



This one comes out to 84% pure. I know that the unflavored version is higher, because the cocoa and flavoring takes up some of the product. On the website, the unflavored Whey protein isolate comes in at 90% You can’t get any better then that!

The first thing you will notice with myprotein products is the packaging is not very fancy. This is partly why their prices are so low. And they do not advertise nearly as much in the magazines as most other companies, saving even more money. Then they pass the savings on to you!

also see my article on Best Vegan Protein Powders.

Myprotein comes in many flavors, so they are sure to have the flavor you want. Go to the website and see for yourself!

The quality of this protein is actually higher than some of the popular name-brand protein powders on the market for twice the price!