TRX Straps are awesome, but they are expensive! They cost between $99.99 for the travel model, $149.99 for the basic kit and $229.99 for the Deluxe bundle.

I believe they are well worth the money, but not everyone has that kind of cash on hand to spend on another type of workout gear.

I am going to show you how I made my own TRX style suspension straps that I have been using for a couple years now. Also see How to Make your own Wrist Roller.

Home Made TRX suspension strap

Home Made DIY TRX suspension strap

I will also show you some of the great body-weight exercises you can do with them.

TRX straps come ready to anchor to a doorway. Let me just say that a doorway is a TERRIBLE place to hang these straps! Unless you don’t mind damaging your interior doors. No door is designed to support a person’s body weight, especially most interior doors that are actually hollow inside with light duty hinges.

The other problem with the door anchor is that the door needs to be closed to use it, which severely limits your workout area and makes some of the best exercises impossible to perform.

The straps I made are attached to the chin up bar on my power rack.

Home Made TRX suspension straps hanging from power rack

Home Made TRX suspension straps hanging from power rack

I recommend finding a very strong support for these straps so you can workout safely. I will show you a method of attaching them to a ceiling joist if you happen to want to use them in your basement or garage.

You can make your own TRX straps with basically 2 items, a set of handles and a pair of straps that are rated for 600 lbs. the straps shown are easily adjustable on the fly as I will demonstrate.

Make your own TRX straps handles

Heavy Duty Handles for TRX style suspension straps.

I am using metal handles that are about $10 each that are also useful for other exercises, but you can purchase nylon web handles for around $10 a pair, or heavy duty nylon handles for $15. Either way they are dirt cheap.

Make your own TRX suspension straps

Straps to make a TRX type suspension trainer.


The straps are general purpose lashing straps that are rated for 600 lbs so you do not need to worry about breakage. You can get these at Walmart or order them online from Amazon.

Here is a pic of me doing my favorite chest “finishing move”. These are called suspended push ups. See my article on best upper body exercises without weights.

Suspended push-ups using home made TRX straps

Suspended push-ups using home made TRX straps

Suspended push-ups using home made TRX straps

Suspended push-ups using home made TRX straps

I always do these last in my chest workout. Not only does it hit chest, delts and triceps, but your core is worked pretty hard for a great whole body exercise.

Here is a great link to a full body TRX workout that you will love!

So there you have it. A quick and easy DIY TRX type suspension straps for less than $40.